Fort those who don't know it yet, I also publish my private work on my portfolio page. This shot above is one from one of my latest shootings with my dream team. Want to see more of my photography, styling projects, bachelor work, graphic designs, The Quotes Of  A Life and do you want to see who I have worked with? Click on the link below or find the portfolio tab at the top of the menu bar!




I am not a makeup kind of girl. I don't give a lot for makeup and different shades of eyeshadow and mascara that makes your lashes ah-ma-zing. However, I do care about my face and skin. Recently I discovered a new day creme by Clinique. It's a primer, day creme and anti-oil setter in one. Read all about this new facial creme and my opinion of it, by clicking below!



Vlog #3 - #aroundtheworld to Mallorca

Vlog #2 - #aroundtheworld to Norway


Frot eh first time that I am writing a personal story and experience. In this post you will find out about my experience in the industry, my daily mental struggles, my idea of perfectionism and how I find my peace in creating graphics and designing digitally. Read all about it by clicking below!



Warm, cold, boiling hot, raining with thunder - this weather is making me insane! #hollandsummer #sillyproblems Those days where you can stand in front of my closet, thinking: "no this is too cold..." "this is way too warm..." "maybe if I wear it with a jacket, but then it will look stupid." - pretty sure some of you can relate. Right?!  Want to know how I style the perfect outfit? Click below!