For those who don't know it yet, I also do graphic design and illustrations! I have put all of my favorite work together in a NEW section in my portfolio! For any questions, personal design requests, customized illustrations and anything, please leave a message on the contact page! Let me know what you think of my new work - click below loves!




Winter is coming. Or rather it came with the blink of an eye! Last week me and my family drove down to Belgium for Christmas and guess what was waiting for us there. A winter wonderland full of fresh powder snow and gorgeous scenery. We spend Christmas in a white world in the Adrennen. Want to read more about my 2017 Christmas? Well, you know what to do - click below!



Vlog #3 - #aroundtheworld to Mallorca

Vlog #2 - #aroundtheworld to Norway


I love perfume. I need it on my everyday at every time of the day! Now I was so lucky to receive an early Christmas present... The classic Coco Noir, and can I tell you this is my scent. It's me in every way. Want to know more about my perfume collection and my top 10? Click below!



Fort those who don't know it yet, I also publish my private work on my portfolio page. This shot above is one from one of my latest shootings with my dream team. Want to see more of my photography, styling projects, bachelor work, graphic designs, The Quotes Of  A Life and do you want to see who I have worked with? Click on the link below or find the portfolio tab at the top of the menu bar!